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Greetings, and welcome to HymnInMe.com! I invite to read and share my Christian inspirational poems and worship music. You can also download free Christian MP3's of dozens of Psalms. The inspirational Christian poetry on my site is expressly encouraged, and no copyright is reserved.

Whether you need to read uplifting Christian inspirational poems or Christian devotional songs, you're sure to renew your mind and your spirit with their Heavenly appeal. Christian inspirational poems will never be outdated, because we need them so much in our lives! Thank you so much, dear friend, for visiting Hymn in Me, where I've got Him and the music in me forever!

If you care to share any of your ideas with me, please feel free to contact me at jazziemodo@gmail.com.

Sample Poems:

I'm breathlessly standing on the edge of my faith.
A pregnant promise on the ravine's other side
That abysmal leap scares this shabby sheepish waif,
But I can't stop. Mustn't falter. Refuse to hide.
For I've escaped the demon's dungeon,
crossed many a miry moat,
Climbed jagged busty mountains;
This lame lamb scales like a goat.
My past has sheared me; left me shivering and naked.
Almost stripped this ewe's hope. Didn't know, "Could I make it?"
There I was at the precipice.........just about at wit's end,
When lofty faith mounted up.......I resolved to pretend
I was brave enough to try, ( plus a little berserk!)
So, I prayed, then jumped! And guess what? Faith worked!
And when fear cried, "Abort!".......His strength kicked in.
My God's hand was not short!.........He carried my sin!
Thanks to faith, I've crossed doubt's fateful abyss.
Now, I revel in the land of grateful promise,
So full of joy, that I could cry!
Alleluia! Faith triumphs! His "umph". My "try"!

Deep shadows in a barren night.
Sin settles in to blanket light.
But an ardent force is precipitously near,
The Light of the World summons darkness, “Disappear!”
When the morning star is revealed,
My frazzled spirit will be healed.
For He has come to bear my stripes this day,
Each tear His blood will wipe away.
And this plasma stain will remind me,
Of what the Lord went through to find me.
No! The enemy’s blackness will not stand,
As I “FAITH!” into the Promised Land!

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